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Kite Festival 2000

Soon - Hazirlanmakte !!

Kite Festival

Kite Festival

22-23. April 2000



The competion will be done in two sections:

  • Construction date is April, 22-04-2000
  • Construction flying
    Flying date is April 23. 04. 2000

Every child, in the age of between 7 and 15 can join the competition.

Each child who joins the competition can be with one of his relatives or anybody else

She /he can get help from his/her teacher, mother or father for example a student can join on behalf of his class with his/her teacher, or two students can join together with or without help and also a student can join with his grandfather etc.

The competitors bring the materials that are not treated before. They construct their kites in the given time; the kites have to be delivered to the competition committee.

At the festival, they are flown by the children and then evaluated by the jury.

The competitors get ready at the RESADIYE PRIMARY SCHOOL at 13.00 o'clock at 13.30 the competition of construction starts and it finishes at 17.30.

  • The sections that the jury will mainly consider in evaluation
  • How for the kite can fly?
  • The artistic appearance
  • If its design is different from others or not
  • Whether its materials are cheap and second-hand or not
  • Whether it is ready in time or not

In construction of the kite whether the child participates actively or not and also co- operation and working together.

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